Uploading Midiboy Sketches

If you haven’t set up your Arduino IDE for Midiboy yet, go through this guide first: Midiboy Software Guide.

Entering Programming Mode (Bootloader)

Connect the Midiboy via a USB-B cable to the computer. While Midiboy is powered off, hold down the B button on Midiboy and switch the power on. Keep the button held down for 1-2 seconds after the power is switched on. The OS should then recognize the device as a USB COM device. While Midiboy is in Programming Mode, Blokas logo should remain displayed.


Download any sketch from https://patchstorage.com/platform/midiboy. Extract the .zip file, and open the .ino file using Arduino IDE, then go to Sketch→Upload. The Arduino IDE will build the sketch and upload it to Midiboy. Keep an eye on the output at the bottom for any errors. In case of programmer error, make sure the correct board and programmer are selected, also try rebooting Midiboy into the Bootloader mode again.

During data transfer, Blokas logo should be scrolling vertically.


Once the upload is complete, which is indicated by the output in Arduino IDE, as well as the Blokas logo coming back to the center of the screen, restart the system by cycling the power switch off and on again.

Done! Thank you!

That’s it! Now that you have mastered building and flashing software to Midiboy, take a look at the Midiboy category on Patchstorage, this list of source code repositories, checkout the ‘File→Examples’ submenu in the Arduino IDE, or even take a stab at coding something on your own!

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