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Sound Card Setup

If you are using the Pisound sound card, you can skip this step. MODEP image comes with all the necessary Pisound software pre-installed so you can start playing around with the system straight away without making any modifications.

If you are using a different sound card, connect to your Raspberry Pi via SSH following this guide and complete the steps below in a terminal window to set your card as a default one:

  1. Open a terminal window and enter aplay -l
  2. Copy name of the sound card after ‘:' and before ‘[‘, for example QUADCAPTURE
  3. Type sudo nano /usr/lib/systemd/system/jack.service and press Enter to edit the Jack service file
  4. Replace hw:pisound with hw:QUADCAPTURE (Change QUADCAPTURE to the name of your sound card)
  5. Hit Ctrl+X to close, press 'Y' to confirm saving your changes
  6. Type sudo reboot and press Enter to restart the system



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