Midihub Pre-Orders Are Now Open!


Today is a day like no other! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Four years ago we have founded Blokas, @Giedrius, one of the founders, is celebrating his 30th birthday :cake: and Midihub, our versatile MIDI processor and router, starting today is open for pre-orders!

After one year in beta program Midihub is now polished :ok_hand: and we truly believe that once you receive yours, it will become the heart of your setup. :heart: Use it with caution though as a couple of our beta-testers were “blown away” by it. :blush:

Visit Midihub campaign page here:

P.S. We had to create our own site for Midihub campaign, as Indiegogo, the only wider-known crowdfunding platform that allowed campaigns from Lithuania, no longer does so. :pensive: This means that now more than ever we are dependent on your help spreading the word! :raised_hands: If your friends are into synths or you belong to communities where cat and gear pictures are being shared - let them know about Midihub! :wink:

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