Meet Midihub!

Midihub is a Stand-Alone MIDI Event Processor & Router. It has classic DIN-5 MIDI input and output ports, 4 of each, as well as a USB port for power and/or communicating with your computer and the Midihub Editor software.

Within the device all MIDI data flows through customizable MIDI Processing Pipelines, sort of MIDI effects, with extremely low latency and without involving any processing on your computer allowing you to integrate Midihub to your computer-less setup.

Midihub can be used as a standard USB-MIDI interface too and it comes equiped with The Button which can send MIDI utility messages such as 'Reset All Controllers' or 'All Notes Off'.

With all this functionality combined we believe Midihub should cover all of your MIDI needs!

In 2019 Q1 we are launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Midihub. We will have some special Early-Bird deals. Join Midihub's newsletter and we will notify you!

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Midihub Beta Program

Midihub's Beta Program is now over. Huge thanks to our beta-testers for their active engagement! Based on their suggestions we have already improved Midihub and will continue to do so before making it available to you guys! Here you can take a look at what beta-testers have to say about Midihub. Click a slide to read a full review.

The Editor

Using the Editor you can program Midihub to process MIDI messages in any way you want. You can have 8 different programs/presets, which can be selected on the fly using The Button or assigned Program Change messages. The programming itself is based on a simple drag & drop graphical interface, so you will be able to dive straight in.

For example, you can program Midihub to split MIDI messages coming from your MIDI keyboard by octaves to control two or more different synthesizers, you can turn single MIDI notes to fancy chords, or send different divisions of the main MIDI clock to separate devices.

Basically what you can achieve using e.g. Ableton’s MIDI effects and routing, you can achieve using Midihub and yes, without the need to use your computer after programming is done.

* Midihub Editor works on all major platforms - Windows, MacOS, Linux & even Raspbian!

Midihub Pipes

Here is the list of all MIDI elements a.k.a. Pipes you can use to program the Midihub. Click different images to see the description of a specific Pipe.

MIDI Input Pipe

The entry point of MIDI data. The data received through MIDI IN connector with the matching letter will be forwarded as is to the pipe on the right.

Midihub Specs

MIDI ParametersValue
Input/Output Connectors8 x DIN-5 Female Sockets & USB-B Port
MIDI Loopback LatencyLess than 1.5ms
Activity LEDs4 x MIDI Input, 4 x MIDI Output & 1 x Status
Other Input1 x The Button
Other ParametersValue
EnclosurePowder-Coated 1mm Steel
PowerBus-Powered - Computer or 5V USB Power Supply
Current Draw50mA @ 5.1VDC
Dimensions75mm x 108mm x 36mm

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What do you think?

Do you have any suggestions or questions regarding Midihub? Maybe you have in mind some additional Pipes or other features we could implement? Let us know. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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