Midihub – MIDI Interface & Stand-Alone MIDI Processor

Midihub is a stand-alone MIDI event processor, router & MIDI interface. Using the Midihub's Editor you can set it up to process MIDI messages in any way you want!

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Meet Midihub!

Midihub is a versatile MIDI Processor, Router & MIDI Interface! It has classic MIDI Input and Output ports, 4 of each, as well as a USB port for power and/or communicating with your computer. Using the dedicated Editor you can set-up Midihub to process MIDI messages in tons of useful and creative ways and once your presets are stored you can use Midihub completely stand-alone in your computer-less setup.

What Can It Do?

Here’s a quick non-exhaustive list of the uses you could expect to fulfill using Midihub.

USB MIDI Interface
MIDI Thru Box
Master Clock
MIDI Router
MIDI Splitter
MIDI Filter
MIDI Note Repeater
MIDI Note Velocity Equalizer
MIDI Transformer
MIDI Randomizer
MIDI Delay
MIDI Sustain Pedal
Micro Tuner
Note Scale Remapper
Note Transpose
Voice Dispatcher
MIDI Combiner / Merger
Keyboard Splitter
Multi-CC using a Single Knob
MIDI Sync Offset
Note to Chord
Fixed Note Length

And Midihub can do any combination of the above and even more!

Midihub in the Wild

The Editor & Pipes

The Midihub Editor lets you customize Midihub’s processing logic by laying down the processing pipelines using different Pipes, sort of MIDI effects. The interface is based on intuitive Drag & Drop. Every pipeline starts from an Input or Generator pipe, from which MIDI data flows to the right, until it ends up in an Output pipe. Visit the documentation page to see all available pipes.

Midihub Docs Community Tutorials Midihub Forums


Midihub Editor works on all major platforms - Windows, macOS 10.11+ and Linux! You can play around with the Editor even without the device connected. Download it for your platform below.

Editor for Windows 7+ x64 Editor for MacOS 10.11+ Editor for Linux AppImage Editor for Raspberry Pi ARM
Release Date: 2024-02-20 | Version: 1.15.3
This software uses libraries from the Qt project (LGPL v3 - source) and libserialport library (LGPL v3 - source). This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (https://www.openssl.org/).


In the videos below Tobias and Max, the electronic music duo called CYLVESTER, took the challenge to present how they use Midihub in their DAW-less setup. We are enormously grateful to them for making this series and we encourage you to follow the band on YouTube and Instagram!


Midihub Introduction
Integrating Midihub into Your Setup
MIDI Data Flow inside Midihub
MIDI CC Modulation with Midihub
Midihub as MIDI Master Clock
Filtering MIDI Messages with Midihub
Transposing MIDI Notes with Midihub
MIDI Notes to Chords Using Midihub
Playing Monophonic Instruments as a Polyphonic One
MIDI Note Remapping with Midihub
Changing Midihub Presets on the Fly
Sending Multiple MIDI CC Messages with One Knob
Playing in Microtonal Scales Using Midihub
Changing MIDI Keyboard Velocity Sensitivity with Midihub
MIDI Note Velocity Equalization with Midihub
Sustain MIDI Notes with Midihub
Transform MIDI Messages to Different Message Types
Spicing Up Simple MIDI Note Patterns with Midihub
Generating Additional MIDI Notes Using Midihub
Changing MIDI Note Length Using Midihub


Midihub Side
Parameter Value
Input/Output Connectors 8 x DIN-5 Female Sockets & USB-B Port
MIDI Loopback Latency Less than 1.5ms
Activity LEDs 4 x MIDI Input, 4 x MIDI Output & 1 x Status
Storage 8 Presets
Other Input 1 x The Button
Parameter Value
Enclosure Powder-Coated 1mm Steel
Power Bus-Powered - Computer or 5V USB Power Supply
Current Draw 50mA @ 5.1VDC
Cable USB-B 1m Cable Included
Dimensions 75mm x 108mm x 36mm
Weight 285g

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