MIDI Interface & Processor


Midihub is a stand-alone MIDI event processor, router & MIDI interface. Using the Midihub's Editor you can set it up to process MIDI messages in any way you want!

Raspberry Pi Sound Card


Pisound is an ultra-low latency high-quality sound card and MIDI interface specially designed for Raspberry Pi pocket computers.

Pisound Accessory

Pisound Case

A simple but really sturdy and beautiful case for your Pisound and Raspberry Pi.

MIDI Computer Kit


Midiboy is a DIY handheld game console with MIDI support that comes in a form of a kit. Based on Arduino - one of the most popular maker platforms - Midiboy can run different MIDI programs or retro games called sketches.

Raspberry Pi OS

Patchbox OS

Patchbox OS is a custom Linux distribution specially designed for Raspberry Pi based audio projects!

Patchbox OS Module


MODEP is an open-source, MOD DUO emulator that lets you play around with hundreds of LV2 audio plugins ranging from a simple reverb to a complex FM synth using your Raspberry Pi and Pisound or any other Raspberry Pi supported sound card!

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