Meet Midiboy!

Midiboy is an open-source DIY handheld microcomputer with MIDI support that comes in a form of a kit. Based on Arduino - one of the most popular maker platforms - Midiboy can run different MIDI programs or retro games called sketches. As you have to assemble the Midiboy yourself, you will learn about electronics, soldering and programming in the process.


8-bit ATmega328P 20MHz Microcontroller

1.3” OLED Display, 128x64 Pixels

2 x MIDI DIN-5 Ports

6 x Tactile Buttons

Piezo Speaker

Powered via USB or 9V Battery (up to 16 hours)

Comes as a DIY Electronics Kit

Dimensions - 100x66x39mm

Arduino Compatible


Midiboy is Arduino-based and designed to encourage you to make your own programs, nevertheless you can download a vast library of sketches already made by the Midiboy community ranging from simple one-button-style games to MIDI effects and debuggers.
Download Sketches


If you are a beginner and haven’t assembled an electronics kit before, don’t worry. All of the Midiboy’s components are easy to solder and our extensive assembly and software guides will get you going with ease. For those, who would like to learn programming and make their own games or MIDI utilities, we will be sharing some advanced walkthroughs and programming tutorials in the coming weeks.


If you have any questions regarding Midiboy, don’t hesitate to ask us or the Midiboy community. Best place to do so is a dedicated Midiboy category on our community forum. If the question is urgent, just click the floating chat button at the bottom of this page!
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