Pimidi – 2x2 MIDI Interface HAT for Raspberry Pi

Pimidi is a stackable ultra-low-latency 2x2 MIDI interface HAT for Raspberry Pi and compatible SBCs.

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Meet Pimidi!

Pimidi is a compact and stackable 2x2 MIDI interface for Raspberry Pi and compatible Single Board Computers*. The 3.5mm stereo port jacks follow the MIDI standard (Type A) and can be used with DIN-5 MIDI cables via an adapter.

Pimidi makes use of a minimal set of GPIO pins, and duplicates all of the 40 GPIO pins for easy access to integrate additional HATs and external circuitry.

* We are thoroughly testing other boards and will update the supported SBCs list later on.

Key Features

Stackable: You can connect up to 6 Pimidi boards together to get 12 physical MIDI inputs and outputs. Combined with SBCs USB-MIDI functionality, this should meet all your MIDI connectivity needs.
Activity LEDs: Pimidi has a dedicated activity LED for each input/output port, making it easy to visually track MIDI data flows.
Pin Availability: Pimidi interacts with your SBC through I²C only, leaving you plenty of options to connect other peripherals from buttons to OLED displays.

Software Tools

Patchbox OS: Patchbox OS is a custom Linux distribution specially designed for Raspberry Pi based audio projects. It comes pre-configured for low latency real-time performance and pre-installed audio software that will help you get started with your projects in no time!
“amidiauto” utility: amidiauto is a background process which takes care of setting up the MIDI routings automatically based on user-defined rules, as soon as new devices are connected or new software instance is launched.


* I²C baud rate set to 3MHz
Parameter Value
MIDI Inputs 2 x 3.5mm jack (MIDI Type A)
MIDI Outputs 2 x 3.5mm jack (MIDI Type A)
Activity LEDs 4
MIDI Loopback Latency 1.3ms *
I²C Baud Rate 100kHz - 3.0MHz
Current Draw 50mA @ 5.1VDC
Dimensions 58mm x 65mm x 18.5mm
Weight 50g

Want to Know More?

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