MODEP - MOD Emulator for Pisound



MOD or Musician Operated Device is “a multi-effects pedal that pushes the limit of your guitar, bass, keyboard or any other instrument to craft the sounds you want and reproduce them instantly at home, studio or on stage.”

MOD is based on Linux SBC and LV2 plugins ecosystem. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop web-based interface so you can assemble your pedalboards as you do in real life. You can find more information about MOD workflow here.

As it should be clear for you by now, MODEP is an emulator that will allow you to play around with MOD system using your Raspberry Pi and Pisound board.

By the way, MOD is not only software, it’s also a nice piece of hardware and the MOD team has done a remarkable job for the whole Linux audio open-source community, so if you like this emulator you should get the real thing @

Setup Instructions


The fastest way to start messing around with MOD system is to download already prepared MODEP image file based on Rasbian Lite OS here (follow these instructions to install the image on your SD card).

For manual setup visit this page.

Running MODEP

  • Mount your freshly baked SD card to your Pi
  • Power up your Raspberry Pi
  • Connect to it via ‘Pisound' Wi-Fi hotspot using your computer or tablet (psw:blokaslabs)
  • Open your browser and go to this address (you should see something like in the image below)
  • That’s it. Now you can start building your pedalboards

Note that Jack is running as 'root' user, in case you'd like to manually run jack_capture or other jack utils, it should be done as 'root' too.



  • ssh pi@RASPBERRY_IP (psw:blokaslabs)
  • run modep

The Button

Here is the list of functions you can achieve using Pisound’s button.

Interaction Action
Click 1 to 8 times to load the pedalboard from the first bank on your list at index corresponding to the number of clicks (see the image below).
Hold for 1 second to turn Wi-Fi hotspot mode on/off.
Hold for 5 seconds to turn your Raspberry Pi off.



At the moment MODEP image comes with 144 LV2 plugins ranging from synths to heavy guitar distortion plugins.