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  • MODEP refactored to be a suite of Debian packages
  • MODEP now runs as user modep, uses shared Jack backend.
  • Built for buster Debian release.
  • All plugins updated to whatever was the latest version available
  • MOD software updated to version 1.8.


Overview of the changes:

  • Pisound App can now be used to switch pedalboards
  • touchosc2midi integrated by default - connect to MODEP WiFi hotspot and use IP as the destination in TouchOSC compatible software.
  • Realtime kernel
  • OS and MOD-UI updated to latest version available

Detailed changelog:

  • Latest Raspbian Lite packages as of 2018.08.31
  • mod-ui updated from 2017.03.28 to 2018.05.29 (changelog)
  • mod-host updated from 2017.04.11 to 2017.09.05 (changelog)
  • touchosc2midi integrated and enabled by default
  • Pisound hotspot name renamed to MODEP
  • Realtime Linux kernel integrated, v4.14.59-rt37
  • Added MODEP scripts for Pisound App
  • System log rotation made more frequent to avoid running out of disk space when running for long periods of time without rebooting
  • Use performance CPU scaling governor by default


  • Support Raspberry Pi 3B+ out of the box.
  • --period argument for Jack changed to -p 128 from -p 256.
  • Based on latest Raspbian Stretch Lite OS


  • 294 plugins (was 144 before)
  • mDNS enabled by default


  • Initial MODEP version released

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