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Since version 2020-03-14 (1.8.0), MODEP is a module of Patchbox OS.

Patchbox OS

Patchbox OS comes with a config utility that helps with installing and managing the installed software and the system.

Once you have Patchbox OS running (refer to its documentation for help), open the config utility by running:


Navigate to the modules menu, and activate the modep module - it will install it and set it up to be run on startup.

To stop it from autostarting every time the system is turned on, select the none module in the modules menu of patchbox utility.

Configuring The Sound Card

The first time Patchbox OS is started, a wizard runs that helps you configure your sound card. If you'd like to reconfigure it, simply run the below command, enter the 'jack' menu, then 'config' and follow the prompts.


If you are using a sound card other than Pisound, you may have to tweak the volumes and card settings using alsamixer.

Running It

Now continue with Running MODEP. In case of any issues, take a look at Troubleshooting.

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