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Patchbox OS has a built-in Module Manager that effortlessly turns your Raspberry Pi into a standalone music* box.

* Not really restricted to music. 😉

A Patchbox Module is essentially a self-sufficient use case for a standalone, headless system.

Let's peek at an example of what a module can actually do. Consider the Pure Data module - it lets users pick a patch to launch immediately. And it will also get launched everytime the system is started. So let's say you picked a synth patch, plug in a MIDI keyboard, hookup audio output and voilà - you have a nice compact hardware synth module! Now if you're happy with the patch, bring your system to a gig, power it up, and the same patch will get started automatically, all of the autostart details have been taken care of by the Module Manager.

Upon activating any module, the Module Manager will disable any previously active module, install any required software, apply the system configuration and will take care of all of the autostart stuff. One may easily switch to another module, repurposing the system for a different use case, while using a single SD card.

Patchbox Module

A Patchbox Module consists of a module definition file (patchbox-module.json), a couple of scripts and any necessary config files.

Check it out how easy it is to import a new module. Take a look at this simple Sine Wave generator module.

Before trying it out, let's make sure patchbox --version is 1.1.3 or greater. If it is not, run:

patchbox update

Then run this command to install it:

patchbox module install

And this one to activate it (can be done via GUI too):

patchbox module activate sine-module

Now you should hear a 440Hz sine wave. The frequency can be changed by clicking The Button on Pisound different number of times.

Run patchbox module deactivate to stop the active module. (or select none module in patchbox modules menu)

Patchbox Module Internals

If you'd like to know more about how the modules work and how to create one, see the Module Internals page.


Have any questions or suggestions? Let us know!