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A modifier pipe that transforms particular kind of MIDI messages into the desired kind of MIDI message.

It can convert between these message types:

  • Note On
  • Note Off
  • Control Change
  • Program Change
  • Poly Aftertouch
  • Channel Pressure
  • Start
  • Continue
  • Stop
Parameter Description
Bypass Whether processing is enabled.
Mode The mode sets whether the transformed message should be inserted before the original event, after it or should it be completely replaced.
What Selects the MIDI message kind to convert.
Into Defines which message to transform it to.
[Value for Byte 1] The name of this parameter depends on the Into parameter. It may be set to use the values from Argument 1 or Argument 2 parameters, or to use a value from the message being transformed, depending on the What parameter.
[Value for Byte 2] Same as above
Argument 1 The number to use, in case it's selected by [Value for Byte 1] parameter.
Argument 2 The number to use, in case it's selected by [Value for Byte 2] parameter.
Prioritize Real-Time Whether the Real Time messages produced should be prioritized. If off, logical order of the messages is retained.

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