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A pipe that can be placed both as a Generator or as a Modifier. It produces an LFO waveform, as defined by the many parameters, on the selected CC value, Channel 1. Place a Channel Remap pipe to the right of the LFO to change the channel.

If it is placed as a Modifier, it can be synchronized to the beat, as well as it can apply modulation to previous CC LFO pipes in the pipeline, and/or to the incoming CC value from the input.

See the preview at the bottom of the the Properties panel to visualize how the LFO waveform looks like.

Parameter Description
Bypass Whether processing is enabled.
Started Whether the LFO clock is started.
CC The CC value id to use.
Resolution The resolution to use. Use as low resolution as possible for your desired rate.
Rate Rate of the LFO in Hz, or time units in case it is synced to the beat.
Phase The phase offset of the LFO.
Depth The depth of the LFO. Use 64 for full 0-127 range.
Waveform The waveform of the LFO.
Duty Cycle The duty cycle of the PWM wave. Not applicable to other waveforms.
Output Enabled Whether the output is actually enabled. Output may be disabled while keeping the LFO clock still ticking.
Mode Free running: waveform is generated freely.
Active Mod.: LFO is actively modulating (offsetting) the incoming CC value of the same id, generating new values even if incoming CC value is not changing.
Passive Mod.: LFO is passively modulating (offseting) the incoming CC value of the same id, only on receiving the actual CC value.
Retrigger Controls retriggering behavior - LFO waveform can be retriggered on individual notes or on chords.
Sync to BPM (Only as Modifier) Whether to sync to the incoming BPM clock.
Retrigger on SysCommon (Only as Modifier) Whether to retrigger on system common messages such as 'start', 'continue', 'song position pointer'.
Start on SysCommon (Only as Modifier) Whether to start ticking the LFO clock on system common messages such as 'start', 'continue', 'song position pointer'.
Manual Retrigger A button to manually retrigger the LFO. It can be mapped to a control which guarantees low latency to take effect as soon as the mapped control is moved.
One Shot Produce only one cycle of the wave. It has to be retriggered using Manual Retrigger parameter, or according to Retrigger mode parameter to produce another cycle of the wave.

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