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Note Range Filter


A modifier pipe that can discard or keep MIDI Note On and Note Off events in the desired ranges.

Both ends of the ranges are inclusive.

A single pipe can store up to 9 argument values which are shared for the interval ranges, as well as single values. In case of running out of space, a tooltip regarding it will get shown. If you'd like to define more ranges, just put multiple Range Filter pipes in series.

Example Ranges

Filter out first 3 octaves, the 5th and 6th octaves, and C# in the 8th octave, using MIDI Note Numbers:

0-47, 60-83, 97

The same can be written using note letters and octave number, where C4 is Note 60 (Middle C):

C-1-B2, C4-B5, C#7

Parameter Description
Bypass Whether processing is enabled.
Drop in range Whether to drop messages within any of the ranges. Disabling this would inverse the operation and make it keep messages within the ranges.
Ranges A list of interval ranges and single values. See above for examples.

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