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Generator pipe that produces MIDI clock at the defined BPM value. Start, Stop, Continue and Song Position Pointer messages can be used to adjust its sync. Transform pipe can be used to convert other messages like Note On to Start, Stop and Continue as needed and be sent to a Virtual Output to control the Clock pipe.

Parameter Description
Bypass Whether processing is enabled.
BPM Beats per minute to generate.
Started Whether the clock is started and generating output.
Use MIDI DIN A Listen to start, stop, continue, song position pointer messages on MIDI DIN A input.
Use MIDI DIN B Same for MIDI DIN B input.
Use MIDI DIN C Same for MIDI DIN C input.
Use MIDI DIN D Same for MIDI DIN D input.
Use MIDI USB A Same for MIDI USB A input.
Use MIDI USB B Same for MIDI USB B input.
Use MIDI USB C Same for MIDI USB C input.
Use MIDI USB D Same for MIDI USB D input.
Use Virtual A Same for Virtual A input.
Use Virtual B Same for Virtual B input.
Use Virtual C Same for Virtual C input.
Use Virtual D Same for Virtual D input.
Use Virtual E Same for Virtual E input.
Use Virtual F Same for Virtual F input.
Use Virtual G Same for Virtual G input.
Use Virtual H Same for Virtual H input.

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