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Inserting from Patchstorage

User uploaded pipelines can be browsed for and imported using the Patchstorage pane. You may toggle its visibility using View->Patchstorage menu option, or pressing F5 on the keyboard.

You may filter results using the search bar and you may specify how you'd like the list sorted.

To import a patch from Patchstorage, double click on the list entry of interest, or use the 'Enter' / 'Return' key on keyboard to append the. Patch at the bottom of the current preset. You may also Drag and Drop the preset from the list straight into the current preset to insert it in the dropped location. These actions will open the Insert Preview. The preview will show how the pipelines will look like, as well as the full description of the patch as available on Patchstorage. The pipes can be modified before importing, you may want to do so to set up the input and output ports according to your hardware setup.

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