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Micro Scale


A modifier pipe that adjusts MIDI note numbers and generates pitch bend messages according to a micro tuning defined in Scala language.

This pipe acts similar to the Dispatcher pipe, as it dispatches each note to a new channel, since Pitch Bend messages apply for every note in the channel, to get correct polyphony, each note must go to its own channel.

Midihub can hold up to 8 micro tunings at a time and they are shared between all the presets. Each micro tuning may consist of up to 127 tuning values.

Go to Device->Micro tunings... to manage the currently uploaded micro tunings.

Check out the Scala website, Scala software and the Scala examples section to get started with micro tunings!

Parameter Description
Bypass Whether processing is enabled.
Scale The micro scale to apply to the incoming notes.
Pitch Bend Depth The depth in semitones of the target synthesizer. This parameter should match what is specified in the manual or in the synthesizer configuration.
Base Note The base MIDI note used as a reference for the start of the scale.
Base Frequency The frequency of the base note.
Auto Frequency Initializes Base Frequency based on Base Note's frequency in 440Hz tuning standard.
Always Send Pitch Bend Force sending Pitch Bend messages. Enable this parameter only if the receiving device is playing wrong notes. This disables data size optimization which relies on receiving device memorizing last Pitch Bend value on a channel.
Use Ch 1 Use this channel for sending notes and pitch bends.
Use Ch 2 Same as above.
Use Ch 3 Same as above.
Use Ch 4 Same as above.
Use Ch 5 Same as above.
Use Ch 6 Same as above.
Use Ch 7 Same as above.
Use Ch 8 Same as above.
Use Ch 9 Same as above.
Use Ch 10 Same as above.
Use Ch 11 Same as above.
Use Ch 12 Same as above.
Use Ch 13 Same as above.
Use Ch 14 Same as above.
Use Ch 15 Same as above.
Use Ch 16 Same as above.

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