Cheers to Midihub – MIDI Monitor Update & Birthday Sale!

Two years have passed since we introduced Midihub to the world 🌎, and to celebrate this occasion we have some delicious news prepared for you! 🤩

MIDI Monitor Update

One of the most requested features – the MIDI Monitor is here! From now on when working with the Editor you will be able to see all the MIDI data being processed and produced by each and every pipe, also the Monitor pane will provide a BPM estimate based on the recent Clock events. You can find more info about the update here. 🔥

Birthday Celebration

To spice things up, use #cheerstomidihub hashtag on social media to show us how you celebrate Midihub’s second birthday! One of you picked randomly will win a Midihub and some Blokas merch! 😜

Birthday Sale

For those who are yet to start their Midihub journey or need an additional unit, the ‘CHEERSTOMIDIHUB’ phrase is one to remember. With it, you will get a 14% discount when buying Midihub via our online store. The discount code will be active during the weekend only, so the clock is ticking! Still not convinced? Check out the new Oscillator Sink video on Midihub’s real-time control capabilities. 👇

Let’s get the party started! 🎉

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