Midihub Pre-Orders Are Now Open!


Today is a day like no other! Four years ago, we founded Blokas, @Giedrius, one of the founders, is celebrating his 30th birthday 🍰, and Midihub, our versatile MIDI processor and router, starting today, is open for pre-orders!

After one year in the beta program, Midihub is now polished, and we truly believe that once you receive yours, it will become the heart of your setup. Use it with caution, though, as a couple of our beta-testers were “blown away” by it. ☺

Visit Midihub campaign page here: https://blokas.io/midihub/

P.S. We had to create our own site for the Midihub campaign, as Indiegogo, the only wider-known crowdfunding platform that allowed campaigns from Lithuania, no longer does so. This means that now more than ever, we are dependent on your help spreading the word! If your friends are into synths or you belong to communities where cat and gear pictures are being shared – let them know about Midihub! 😉

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