Midihub Progress Update

Midihub Beta Program has come to an end, and we are thrilled to share all the details of what came out of it! In case you still don’t know what Midihub is – it’s our stand-alone MIDI event processor & router that is currently in development. You can get familiar with it here.

The Midihub Beta Program would be nothing without the contributions of Beta-Testers from hot, cold, and rainy continents. Huge thanks to all of you folks involved! The feedback received is extremely valuable as we have already improved Midihub and will continue to do so! Thanks @Richiejape @Vinc @MaximeGraf @hka @tob_har @Lftee @thetechnobear @Jpmcmullan23 @verstaerker @ParanormalPatroler @Banst @opiate @computing.sound

Big thumbs up go to Max and Tobias (@tob_har ) from CYLVESTER, who have integrated Midihub in their live setup and shared these great videos presenting how Midihub is improving their workflow:


We are also excited to announce that we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for Midihub which will go live in Q1 2019, and offer some special Early-Bird deals. Newsletter subscribers will get the news delivered before anyone else, so if you think some of your friends would be interested in Midihub, invite them to join our newsletter on the Midihub page.

In the meantime, have a browse and join the #midihub category here on our forum. There you will find all the discussions & suggestions regarding Midihub, and most importantly – #midihub:midihub-reviews

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