Pisound Configuration Tool

We created a “pisound-config” tool so you may reconfigure the most important aspects of the system for use with Pisound. Also, it helps to set up additional software or display some useful information.

Doing More with the Button

From now on, you can easily add new actions to the button with your own shell scripts. Here is a short tutorial on how to accomplish that.

Update the Pisound Software

To update the Button software and start using the new configuration tool, run the below command in a terminal window. This will update all the software packages for Pisound.

curl https://blokas.io/pisound/install-pisound.sh | sh

To launch the configuration tool just type in the following command:

sudo pisound-config

Your Feedback

It would be really nice to hear from you what additional functionality you would like to see implemented in this configuration tool. Visit our community forum to share your ideas!

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