Pisound is Back! Patchbox OS Bullseye Update

Good news, everyone! πŸ‘Œ

A couple of components took their sweet time to find their way to the assembly line, but we are glad to announce that Pisound is finally back in stock! 😍

As a lovely addition for existing Pisound owners alike, we have also updated the Patchbox OS image to the Bullseye release with the real-time kernel. πŸ”₯

What a great time to dive into your next audio project! 😜

As always, if you have any questions or ideas, drop us a line via hello@blokas.io, visit our community forum. ❀️

2 thoughts

  • My RPi4 + PiSound works better than ever after the update!
    (recommend to recreate the card with new version and not trying to update).

    Would be a nice improvement to have an official vm/docker to create/compile/export extra effects like lv2 in a simple manner and export directly to modep.

    Thanks for great update.

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