Pisound is Back & New Patchbox OS with MODEP


Pisound with Raspberry Pi 4 Support

We are really excited to let you know that Pisound with full Raspberry Pi 4 support is finally here! The new version comes with an updated power supply circuitry to accommodate both the Pi 4 and the previous models. We have already tested the first batch, and the new boards are now ready to be shipped out!

Patchbox OS with MODEP Module

The new Patchbox OS image is here too! The image also comes with Raspberry Pi 4 support, and from now on, it includes MODEP and all of its plugins in the form of a Patchbox Module. In short, a Patchbox Module is an encapsulated use case for your system. You can install different modules and switch between them on the go, like the Pure Data or ORAC modules, so there’s no longer a need to keep hoarding all those SD cards! Let us know what other modules you would like to see implemented in the comments.

Stay safe, stay home and tinker!

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