Pisound Turns One & Pisound App for Android

Today is a special day for us. Not only it’s international #piday, but also on this very day one year ago, we introduced Pisound and launched our crowdfunding campaign. It means it’s birthday time and what’s a birthday without some sweets!

For those who are yet to start their own Pisound-based project or want to expand their Pisound arsenal, the ‘PISOUNDTURNSONE’ phrase is one to remember. With it, you will get a 14% discount in our store on all of your orders. The discount code will be active till the next Thursday, so the clock is ticking!

And for existing Pisound owners, we have something even sweeter – Pisound App for Android!

As we have mentioned before, we are hard believers in the future of pocket sound computers. Pisound mobile app is an important stepping stone moving towards that direction, as it will allow us to create a whole ecosystem around Pisound without the need to redesign the hardware after every somewhat bigger functionality change.

Currently, using the app, you can run your own custom shell scripts, launch Pure Data patches, import files from a USB stick and observe real-time console output. Many new features, including MIDI learn, will be rolling out in the near future.

Huge thanks go to @shreeswifty, who joined our team to step up our sound-design game and has prepared a number of amazing Pure Data patches for you to mess around with, and to @mantasb our Android guru, who spent some countless nights working on the app.

Download Pisound App for Android here and join our community forum to share your experience with the app.

Keep in mind it’s a Public Beta, some bugs may arise. Apple users, sit tight, version for iOS is coming soon.

Happy #piday to you guys!

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