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Victor de Campos Verified

I was a late supporter of the initial campaign but I’m very glad I pre-ordered one. It’s been one of my most useful devices, being able to program its routing and using as an interface to Ableton to sync all my gear with Live is pretty damn good.

I use it mostly as a programmable MIDI router, I own a FaderFox and have to filter/route some MIDI messages differently to allow control to more than 16 channels, Midihub is really good for this kind of flexibility. I purchased a second one for my shared studio as it would also help to solve a lot some issues with channel limits.

In general it’s one of the products I’ve personally recommended to friends as to strangers on internet forums, I think it is extremely versatile and for the price I haven’t found anything else on the market with the same feature set.

I will continue to spread the word of Midihub, I’m definitely a convert. 🙏

Josh Spoon Verified

I backed this project before I used it and I do not regret it. It’s a workhorse for me. It’s always on and ready to go. With a click of a button I can go from a hybrid setup to an all hardware setup. I can reconfigure almost anything to Note, PC, CC or otherwise to any other message. They have been update the firmware and app at a steady pace, fixing bugs and adding new features. It’s great to see the continued support. If you have one or two pieces of MIDI gear, you should check this out.

The only thing I wish is if they made an 8×8 since I keep looking at more gear 🙂

Armando Cajide Verified

If you ever used iconnectivity gear you probably have screamed a million times trying to configure their gear. Out of the box midihub worked without any changes. Even works with monome gear and my iPad. I’m very happy.

DL7BER Verified

I really enjoy the small Midihub Box. Although I am only using abt. 10% of the mighty functionality of the device – it solves a lot of wiring and configuration problems using 3 keyboards and a Nord Modular in parallel in different use-cases. Just programmed the box for my needs and now I am close to forget that the Midihub is within my setup. What I am missing is an offline manual to learn more about the multitude of features (and getting inspired – while reading). Thanks for developing the Midihub!

Mac Verified

Very stable and flexible. Solves several little midi issues which cements it’s place in my setup. Also provides deeper creative options to control and automate my gear. Winner.

Martin Junius Verified

Very versatile MIDI router and interface, super useful and (mostly) easy to configure. I’m using it as a computer MIDI interface, to filter out unwanted MIDI messages between sequencer and synths, and to make two Mother-32 synth voices duophonic.
Wishlist: USB *host* ports for a future HW upgrade.

Graham Aldred Verified

Excellent device, simple to set up , solves all sorts of midi problems. Highly recommended

Manuel Cabrera Verified

A fantastic little box that has helped me glue my entire setup. I barely use any of the modulations it offers but even just as a midi router it is incredibly flexible and easy to use. Highly recommend

Lukas Verified

It has sorted all the midi hassle I have had with midi routing, you don’t need any other THRU or MERGE midi box it can do it all and midi editor can make all of your ideas come to live.

jw Verified

super useful, tons of features for the very reasonable price, looks good, smells great

Hristiyan Georgiev Verified

It’s a great little maschine. Just what I was looking for and what I expected. Also very easy to set up with the software. Great job.

Jan Verified

Excellent build quality, continuous improvement of the software, lots of flexibility: great product.

vj avant Verified

I’m loving Midihub all the fun things one can build and explore with Midi. Now I wish it had 16 set ups instead of eight. I maxed mine out but okay I save, clear, and build. Midihub is as close to Midi effects systems from the 80’s

Berardi Marino Verified

Well build
Easy to use
Great performance
Super product support

Steffen Fürst Verified

The package had not arrived with me, and blokas has taken four months to comply with the requested refund, although I have repeatedly pointed out that they are violating EU law.


Hi Steffen, once again, we’re sorry for your experience. Your package got shipped at a time of significant world-wide postal services disruptions due to the pandemic. As soon as the postal services confirmed your package as lost, we immediately issued a full refund.

Mason Verified

MidiHub has totally enhanced my music making process. I use it to connect my hardware setup and it has UNLOCKED so many possibilities to what I can sequence. I’ve also used it with my DAW To great satisfaction. Blokas has also added live midi data in their software so that you can see the live midi messages coming through the different pipes and it has been immensely useful. If they made a model with more inputs and outputs, I would jump on it immediately. This little box will make your midi experience so much better and more creative. Highly recommend!

David Berndsen Verified

Can’t believe how solid this product is! Love it!! Highly recommended

Devin Spikowski Verified

A fantastic device that’s good at being both a utility and a playground at once. If you have a complex MIDI problem to solve, you can solve it with this. But that’s just the beginning. You can breathe new life into any synth or sequencer with anything from simple processing to fully generative magic.

SmurfWrangler Verified

I love the concept behind Midihub – as a programmer I like solving my specific problems and Midihub allows me to do that in when connecting my various midi devices together. I can use it to play my Digitakt polyphonically, which is amazing! I can use it to add a generative edge to otherwise simple phrases being sent to synths or drum machines. That’s just a few examples and I look forward to discovering more fun and creative ways to use it. Awesome work guys.

Amaury Verified

I love the MIDIhub, I use it as a hub, playing any destination instrument with any of multiple keyboards/pads, and routing MIDI in many ways. It just works for me,

Atilla Verified

I am using Midihub to simply reassign Midi channel numbers: I am a guitarist and need to replace the keyboard player occasionally. I am using the Midi Guitar app on my Ipad which is connected to a Roland audio midi interface. The guitar signal is processed via MidiGuitar which can only send the midi out signal on channel one (sadly, you can not change this), so I need to reassign midi channels in order to be able to play e.g. polyphonic pads on my Korg M50 and than switch to a lead patch by stepping on a switch on my Nektar pacer midi controller. I have programmed 4 presets on Midihub (channel1/2/3 and mute). So I can switch from pure guitar sound to pure keys, unison guitar/keys sounds at the blink of an eye… Midihub serves as my “traffic central”, in this function it never failed and I hope it never will. I am seriously thinking about ordering another one for redundancy purposes.

TheTechnobear Verified

Really useful box to have in any setup – its like a Swiss Army knife for midi!
I move it around quite a lot, performing different tasks:
– routing between USB and MIDI DIN, perhaps with a bit of ‘smart’ filtering.
– fixing issues with devices e.g. using a different midi channel that only support midi channel 1
– creating midi lfos or ‘clock’

It can do so much more, but for me, its often the simple things that I need to solve quickly where the Midihub really earns its keep.

I also like the fact you have have presets, so quickly switch between different needs without having to connect to a computer.

Rich Thomsen Verified

The Midihub simplified my (MIDI) life and allowed me to add complexity at the same time! Previously I used several applications and plugins to filter and transform midi events. Some of these required scripts that I didn’t really understand how to modify myself. The Midihub has an easy-to-use interface, allow me to drag new filters and changes into a ‘pipeline’, with checkboxes and dropdowns that are easy to configure. I like the ability mix and match inputs, outputs, and ‘virtuals’, and the build quality is excellent. Love my Midihub!

Edward Rapley Verified

An amazing little box, so much utility and creativity is possible thanks to the midihub.

I recommend it across every community I’m involved with because it solves so many issues and enables so many new strategies.

If you thinking about getting one then go ahead!

Németh Gábor Verified

Two years ago I was looking for a simple MIDI router/merger and when I found Midihub, I realized it offers me is much more and I can’t be thankful enough for that! I’m really appreciate the hard work of the developers! Blokas FTW!

Tony Verified

works well but I still struggle to get it to modulate or change the signal coming in but that may be because it goes thru 2 other midi devices


Hi Tony, just ask about that on our community, we’ll help you out! 🙂

Jason Verified

MidiHub is amazing! The only limit is your imagination. It can even overcome its own physical limitations!

I quickly filled all 4 DIN outs and had more devices I wanted to connect. I wanted to avoid chaining devices due to all the potential, hard to debug issues caused when passing MIDI data from device to device. No problem! I connected a cheap MIDI splitter to one of the outs and used the MidiHub software to route certain incoming channel data to the port with the splitter. Now each device attached to the splitter receives data on a specific channel and I don’t have to mess with complicated MIDI thru setups. 😍

Thomas Verified

I was looking for a simple MIDI device to replace an old broken one. I found the Midihub and ever since the MIDI routing in my DAW has been easy to all the outboard gear I use to make music with. I can recommend this little box for your basic and even the most advanced MIDI routing needs.

Maximilian Verified

Bought the Midihub about a year ago to be able to route different parts of midi signals between multiple machines. It has been rock solid and worked without hiccups. The only issue I had was with a non functional LED when it arrived which after discussing with the team (who responded in no time!) turned out to be cold solder joint. I was offered a new unit straight away but chose to simply resolder the LED. The flexible routing possibilities of the Midihub are superb when for example you want to route clock from one unit to all other units, mixing it with only note info or CCs from another unit and so on. After having set up my main midi routing it has allowed me to go beyond the initial purpose of it and get creative to get more out of all machines. in my setup. I’ve recommended it to friends and will continue to do so. I don’t know of any other product with the same functionality so accessible.


Fantastic bit of kit

Didrik Viklund Verified

I’ve been a Midihub owner for a year now. What started as a an attempt to filter midi-signals to an old synth that would only listen to global midi quickly turned to a love story, this is why: This is such a clever device that does so much. It got me excited for something as bland as midi-signals. A midi box was probably at the bottom of my wishlist but necessity made me go for this one. If I’d only known how cool a midi box could be! It’s a central piece in my studio now, allowing me to quickly change setups and routings. The software is super easy to understand and comes with many cool features. Before Midihub I was constantly rerouting and planning my studio space and how to have effective midi chains that sometimes worked – no more! Another great part is that I can save my settings and just break it out of my current setup and try someting else, if it doesn’t work just reload it!
Even if you’re looking just for a simple midi splitter or merger this is the way to go, because you’ll realise how much more you can do with midi. The value exceeds it’s price many times over. Thank you for a great product.

Maurizio Griglio Verified

I bought the midihub with the intention of using it mainly as a hub between all my instruments, but in the end I found an object in my hand that is capable of much more. It can become an arpeggiator, a “modular” midi multi-effect. The management software is very easy to use and the firmware updates are constant and always add new improvements. Another noteworthy thing, thanks to Midihub I can synchronize Octatrack without any kind of problem, which has no usb midi functionality but only din, to my computer. What can I say, an excellent product that is fully worth the purchase. Serious company that produces serious products. If you have a lot of hardware tools and want to manage them easily, the Midihub is for you.

Tomi K Verified

Incredible MIDI device, which can get as simple or complex as you want it to be. Also built like a tank. Highly recommended.

Jose Garcia Verified

I love it! Super intuitive and flexible MIDI device that fits in any setup.

Michael McCarron Verified

An excellent product


Works like a charm, just the right tool for my needs.