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Thomas Vassilieff

Tout est super fonctionnel avec patch os. L’os windows 10 pour arm peut-il être stable avec le pisound et raspb pi 4 4go?


Hi Thomas, there’s no Windows 10 driver for Pisound, it won’t work without it.

Steve Pelland Verified

Awesome piece of gear. I have had a blast with it. Lead me to go buy a MODDUO. I just rebuilt it on a Pi 4 and will use for midi instrument. LOVE IT.

Nick Visalli Verified

Really great hardware. I have been using it for personal software development projects for about a year now. Will probably buy another Pisound in the future.


Great hardware and sound, software is ok but could be better. Modep for exemple is under the real modduo software. Cool to use with Pianoteq and some synths.

Gottfried Verified

Setting up my first little home recording studio, I found Pisound easy to handle. It has a very good sound quality and I enjoy using it very much.

Mr Frangipane Verified

Excellent sound quality and latency !
Great to have jacks and not RCA
Balanced output would have been perfect

Fabio Verified

superb quality, almost zero latency audio board for raspberry pi, very well supported by blokas people. highly recommended for any audio raspberry pi project

Ignacio Verified

I like a lot my pisound. I was intending to use it for music and effects but now it is for volumio. Anyway the sound quality is very good. A detail that you could fix is that the acrilic feet have little adherence to any surface.

marco razeto Verified

Excellent HAT soundcard for the Raspberry Pi. I use with the Jambox OS to plug in my instruments and run Jamulus for online live music playing. Setting it up was easy, the sound quality is excellent, the latency is very low, and everything fits in a neat box. My only suggestion for improvement is the box itself, which is a little hard to build, and the hole for the power supply cable is too small to fit the standard RPi plug

Jason Verified

Pisound is the best audio card for Raspberry Pi. Period. Pair it with Patchbox OS and you have a dead simple setup that can be a host for MidiHub, a multi-effects unit for guitar, a synth – and that’s just the stuff that’s easy to set up!

Paul Wilkens Verified

Awesome device I own 2. I couldn’t get enough so I had to buy another. Modep (creators of the Modduo), on one and Orac (Mark Harris is amazing) on the other. You can’t beat it with a stick. Sounds are amazing either what you put in, process, or what comes out through exploration. Thank you for all the hard work very much appreciated.:) AAA++++

Andrew D Barker Verified

One of the best Raspberry Pi audio interfaces for low latency and high quality i/o.

I have barely scratched the surface of what it can do. But overall sound quality and latency performance is great.

Xavier de Palau Verified

I’m very happy with the Pisound. That being said, it could use more physical buttons and/or better Android interaction.

Tommaso Rosati Verified

Pisound is great. I used to build an augmented glove that controls voices from a microphone. I easly programmed it with Pure Data. Super easy, super fun!

Mark Harris Verified

Ive a couple of PiSounds , excellent way to add decent audio and midi to your Pi.
Another important aspect of PiSound is that Blokas provide a ready to go OS (patchbox) and a proper support channel.
This is in stark contrast to the ‘common’ diy rPI situation where you are left to scour the internet for solutions to try to work out how to get you soundcard working optimally with raspbian etc

Craig Hissett Verified

Fantastic device. Clean and elegant way of getting audio into a Pi without running USB cables etc, with superb latency and sound quality.
I’d love to see an XLR version!

Veikko Verified

Pisound allowed me to prototype my HW Audio device idea really easily.

Miles DeCoster Verified

I have two piSound equipped Raspberry Pis with 7″ touch screens and PianoTek software that I use as the sound engine for 88-key MIDI keyboards. I push one button to power up and launch the application. Great grand piano sound. It took a little trial and error to get everything working together but worth the effort. I got a Pi 3 working and then built another unit with a Pi 4.

Jonas Temple Verified

Discovery Modep was awesome and adding the PiSound made the experience even better! PiSound is well built and the installation instructions are very clear. I’m using Pisound to replace an aging pedal board for my live bass rig. Do yourself a favor and order the acrylic case as well. If you have a RPi 4 I also suggest getting a Pimorini fan shim. Extremely pleased with my purchase!